How to Join?

Register online now through our membership system and pay with credit or debit card.

Membership Options

To be eligible to compete in Wellington Interclub Events and Athletics New Zealand Championships you must be a registered member of your local athletics club. WHAC has a 12 month membership period which caters for both Winter and Summer athletes. Membership runs from 1st April to 31st March.  Families registering three or more members are offered a 10% refund on their registration fees.  The following membership options are available:

Competitive Member

Those wishing to compete in Local interclub, Regional and National events. Covers both Winter Cross Country/Road events and Track and Field Competition. Ideal for those with the competitive bug.

The Benefits:

    • Free entry to all Cross Country and Road events conducted by Athletics Wellington
    • Access to a wide range of coaching and administrative support
    • Access to a number of training groups and sessions throughout the week
    • Membership with Athletics New Zealand and ability to compete at National Championships
    • Social events and Saturday club runs
    • National Road Relays (WHAC’s annual away trip!) (additional costs associated)
    • Ability to vote at WHAC AGM

Also for competitive members aged 7-14yrs this includes Athletics NZ and Athletics Wellington Junior athletics registration fees.  Benefits include:

    • WHAC club day coaching and competitions
    • Eligible to enter and compete at Athletics Wellington Junior interclubs
    • Eligible to enter and compete at NZ Childrens Athletics Association North and South Island Colgate Games
    • Eligible to enter and compete at Athletics Wellington Junior Championships
    • Eligible to be considered for selection for Wellington representative track and field teams

*Ages as at 31st December 2024

Age 7-14: $130.00 (inc GST)

Age 15-19: $140.00 (inc GST)

Age 20-22: $165.00 (inc GST)

Age 20+: $195.00 (inc GST)*

*For all Full Time Tertiary Students aged 23yrs and over : $165.00 (inc GST).

Social Member (non-interclub)

Active Kids 0-6yrs – Through a combination of games and fun activities, the fundamental elements of athletics are introduced at club days.

15yrs + – Ideal for those looking to improve their fitness and enjoy running with others. Fitness members have a ability to upgrade their membership at any stage should the competitive ‘bug’ bite.

The Benefits:

    • Social events and Saturday club runs/activities
    • Access to a number of training groups and sessions throughout the week
    • Access to coaching and support

Age 0-6: $80.00 (inc GST)

Age 15+: $105.00 (inc GST)

Supporters Member

For those of us that don’t compete or actively run but want to maintain association with the club.

All ages total cost: $45.00 (inc GST) Annually