Wellington Harrier Athletic Club

Results - 2003 Business House Relay - 29 October 2003 - Wellington Waterfront

Open Teams

Open Teams

OpenTeam NameOrganisationPlaceTime
9Beauty & The BeastNational Bank of NZ Ltd131.29
45The Posties # 1New Zealand Post231.45
60The Sad ClownsScots College331.46
58Something SillyScots College432.07
10NBNZ 1National Bank of NZ Ltd533.21
46The Posties # 2New Zealand Post633.22
14Faster we go, The Bigger the MessLand Transport Safety Authority734.36
8Synergy InternationalSynergy International Ltd834.42
29Just DessertsMinistry of Justice934.44
321MJSMorrison Kent1035.17
34Team ChapmanBuddle Findlay1135.24
48Pacific PacersPacific Network Communications1235.28
6Ankle BytersEDS (NZ) Ltd1335.59
5Treasury - Social Policy BranchThe Treasury1436.06
31Exotic OptionsWestpac1536.30
49T & T DolitesTonkin & Taylor Ltd1636.37
22AirForce TwoRoyal NZ AirForce1737.11
21Airstaff OneRoyal NZ AirForce1937.32
7TelstraClear S39ersTelstraClear2038.09
37Once were GoondogsMinistry of Health2138.11
40Fit n MissMinistry of Health2238.16
61Tommys OneTommys Real Estate2338.22
19James Cook HotelJames Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor2438.47
1CustomisersBank of New Zealand2538.49
44Te PapaMuseum of NZ Te Papa Tongarewa2638.53
41Stats HaresStatistics New Zealand2739.21
55The Flying BurritosNational Bank of NZ Ltd2839.26
13Road RunnersLand Transport Safety Authority2939.27
53Road RunnersTransit New Zealand3039.32
25The Best Dressed TeamNational Bank of NZ Ltd3139.57
43Stats FerretsStatistics New Zealand3240.24
35Faith in DennisMinistry of Health3340.31
62BG Tramps No.357National Bank of NZ Ltd3440.35
27Horsley's AngelsColliers International3541.29
12MOE StragglersMinistry of Education3641.43
23Royale with CheeseReserve Bank of New Zealand3741.45
2Best of the RunnersBank of New Zealand3841.50
56Goldilocks & The 3 BearsNational Bank of NZ Ltd3942.12
3PFU'essBank of New Zealand4043.07
30Vic RecVictoria University4143.19
20Sorted RunnersRetirement Commission4243.42
4LandcorpLandcorp Farming Ltd.4344.09
26Anti CapitalistRabbit Breweries4444.28
24Flying PigsReserve Bank of New Zealand4544.34
18The Squiffy SquirrelsG.C.S.B4645.54
28Team 007Colliers International4745.12
15Archives New Zealand - Sara TaylorArchives New Zealand4845.21
54Eat My ShortsTransit New Zealand4945.23
33TM TurbosTaylor Macdonald Ltd5045.27
36Rubbish SelectionMinistry of Health5145.28
16Archives New Zealand - Matt OMaraArchives New Zealand5245.45
17The Manic SquirrelsG.C.S.B5345.46
59The Pussy PosseTreasury5446.02
42No Where FastStatistics New Zealand5546.06
57Kensington SwanKensington Swan5646.13
38Drug TestedMinistry of Health5746.35
50T & T DiamondsTonkin & Taylor Ltd5847.09
47The DreamTeamCareer Services5947.21
51NZFS FourNew Zealand Fire Service6047.52
52NZFS FiveNew Zealand Fire Service6147.53
39Doing a RunnerMinistry of Health6249.21
11VoltronMitre 10 - WainuiomataDNS

Womens Teams

WomenTeam NameOrganisationPlaceTime
203Sushi ClubReserve Bank of New Zealand141.17
202Girl RacersLand Transport Safety Authority343.11
207Menin Go CocklesMinistry of Health343.51
206PloddersMinistry of Health445.17
201Traceys TeamTelecom NZ Ltd.546.13
205Team ATACBuddle Findlay648.46
208The Doris'sStatistics New Zealand750.02
204Iron LegsMinistry of Agriculture850.15

Walk Teams

WalkTeam NameOrganisationPlaceTime
316Team FisherBuddle Findlay148.22
346T & T EmeraldsTonkin & Taylor Ltd249.05
342Pacific PronatorsPacific Network Communications349.51
322Walking DisastersMinistry of Health450.05
351BNZ 1BNZ550.22
344Market PacersMcDouall Stuart Securities Ltd650.51
356No NamesNational Bank of NZ Ltd751.47
311Vic WreckVictoria University851.57
319LMRMorrison Kent952.01
328Sector StompersMinistry of Health1052.11
347T & T WulfiniferTonkin & Taylor Ltd1153.08
327DSD Dodderers 2 (Sonia Lutherus)Ministry of Health1253.10
309Sorted WalkersRetirement Commission1353.41
325MedSafeMinistry of Health1453.55
317Susa's TeamBuddle Findlay1554.29
332Stats LeopardsStatistics New Zealand1654.43
343Pacific PrimatesPacific Network Communications1754.44
304Road HogsLand Transport Safety Authority1855.10
306Archives New Zealand - J MastersArchives New Zealand1955.29
315Charlie's AngelsGBL Personnel Ltd2055.35
320HMMMorrison Kent2155.48
341Stats EnuffStatistics New Zealand2256.18
329Stats SeagullsStatistics New Zealand2356.23
310Colliers In StepColliers International2456.42
354No Flojo'sNational Bank of NZ Ltd2556.48
336BB1 and the MMsStatistics New Zealand2657.20
305Slow BrunettesLand Transport Safety Authority2757.47
331Stats LionsStatistics New Zealand2857.49
352BNZ 2BNZ2958.11
333Stats PanthersStatistics New Zealand3058.31
345T & T SapphierTonkin & Taylor Ltd3158.57
353BNZ 3BNZ3259.16
302Custom WalkersBank of New Zealand3359.26
323Comms 1 (Marama Ellis)Ministry of Health3460.00
355Pacific PanthersPacific Network Communications3560.22
308The Yumm SquirrelsG.C.S.B3660.27
339Stats CheetahsStatistics New Zealand3761.13
334Stats Emu'sStatistics New Zealand3861.37
338Stats BearsStatistics New Zealand3961.53
301PackagersBank of New Zealand4061.56
312J WalkersGBL Personnel Ltd4162.13
340Stats Zebra'sStatistics New Zealand4262.48
350NZFS ThreeNew Zealand Fire Service4363.00
313Super Sexy Shelia'sGBL Personnel Ltd4463.20
307Archives New Zealand - T JacobsArchives New Zealand4564.10
330Stats EaglesStatistics New Zealand4666.26
335Stats TigersStatistics New Zealand4768.59
349NZFS TwoNew Zealand Fire Service4869.25
348NZFS OneNew Zealand Fire Service4969.26
303Best of the Rest WalkersBank of New ZealandDNS
314Super Elle'sGBL Personnel LtdDNS
318DELMorrison KentDNS
324Comms 2 (Joanne Perry)Ministry of HealthDNS
326DSD Dodderers 1 (Marion O'Connell)Ministry of HealthDNS
337Stats GazellesStatistics New ZealandDNS