Wellington Harrier Athletic Club

Results - 2002 Business House Relay - 30 October 2002 - Wellington Waterfront

Open Teams

Team No.Team NameOrganisationPlaceTime
48Tattersalls TransvestitesScots College130.17
47Harlens HoesScots College230.23
8Team AccelerationNational Bank331.14
11T & T Tom CatsTonkin & Taylor Ltd432.08
6Les MillsLes Mills535.07
15The SleepersThe Treasury635.09
5McHare'sMcDouall Stuart Securities Ltd735.11
17Bodyworks MixBodyworks835.13
13Show PoniesPacific Network Communications Ltd935.40
2Global Career LinkGlobal Career Link1035.40
21Cool EducationMinistry of Education1136.08
4Faster You Go The Bigger The MessLand Transport Safety Authority1236.10
22Keef's RichesMinistry of Health1337.08
7Team Asics - MensShoe Clinic1437.10
38Stats CheetahsStatistics NZ1537.18
35CavaliersNational Bank1637.38
19Busy Bankers 1Bank of New Zealand1738.01
23Grumpy's MuppetsMinistry of Health1838.10
30Air Force OneRNZAF1938.14
31Air Force One and a BitRNZAF2038.19
42MAF PestbustersMin. of Agriculture & Forestry2138.22
45IBM All SaintsIBM NZ Ltd.2238.34
32Urban HealthUrban Health Fitness Centre2338.42
14The SneakersThe Treasury2439.04
24Bussell's BustlersMinistry of Health2539.09
44IBM SOIBM NZ Ltd.2639.20
25Officials in FormationMinistry of Health2740.00
39Stats StagsStatistics NZ2840.18
46Doc TarieDept. of Conservation2940.22
10ArchivesArchives New Zealand3040.31
3Cool RunnersTaylor Macdonald Ltd3140.51
12T & T TigersTonkin & Taylor Ltd3241.24
41HSC No.1Health Sponsorship Council3341.39
34TWOA No2Te Wananga O Aotearoa3441.57
40Stats XStatistics NZ3542.01
14 on The SlackEquinox Ltd3642.38
36Wheeler CampbellWheeler Campbell3743.13
20Busy Bankers 2Bank of New Zealand3843.22
29The Fire "Y"sNZ Fire Service3943.37
9SortedOffice of The Retirement Commissioner4043.40
27Ambling AuditorsWestpac4146.01
18Tertiary ExtremeMinistry of Education - TISSL4246.37
28The Bright SparksNZ Fire Service4346.59
49Thorndon SchoolThorndon School4447.29
37Stats CatsStatistics NZ4547.39
16Pussy PosseThe Treasury4648.55
33TWOA No1Te Wananga O Aotearoa4749.01
43HSC No.2Health Sponsorship Council4849.50
26Corporate FliersMinistry of Healthdnf
50Shoe Clinic No.2Shoe Clinicdnf

Womens Teams

Team No.Team NameOrganisationPlaceTime
205Bodyworks GirlsBodyworks136.08
202Team Asics - WomensShoe Clinic237.25
204HorsePowerNational Bank of NZ Ltd341.09
201Girls RacersLand Transport Safety Authority442.41
200CLO CrawlersCrown Law Office544.16
207Sports ServicesSports Services Ltd645.17
2086th Floor ChicksAMP746.15
209Wellington RegionnairesWellington Regional Council848.10
203T & T ToadsTonkin & Taylor Ltd950.48
206Tertiary TrottersMinistry of Education1050.49

Walk Teams

Team No.Team NameOrganisationPlaceTime
306Walkie TalkiesPacific Network Communications Ltd148.03
305T & T Old TroutTonkin & Taylor Ltd249.03
319Stats GoldStatistics NZ349.08
315Sector StridersMinistry of Health449.43
313Apper's AmblersMinistry of Health551.24
310Walking ArchivesArchives New Zeland653.10
308Rose & ThornsPacific Network Communications Ltd753.34
323Doc.ItDept of Conservation853.37
318IBM HRIBM NZ Ltd955.30
317Wheeler Campbell WalkersWheeler Campbell1055.38
322IBM POIBM NZ Ltd1155.53
321IBM HQIBM NZ Ltd1256.07
309Belle'sThe Treasury1356.47
320Stats TigersStatistics NZ1457.47
300Slow BrunettesLand Transport Safety Authority1559.07
316Risk AverseNational Bank1659.09
302Crazy Red ChickensTelstraClear1759.31
304T & T TunaTonkin & Taylor Ltd1861.06
314Janet's AddictionMinistry of Health1963.22
311ZephyrUDC Finance Ltd2070.11
312ThunderUDC Finance Ltd2170.13
303LightningUDC Finance Ltd2270.16
301Road HogsLand Transport Safety Authoritydnf
307Puff n' StuffPacific Network Communications Ltddnf