Wellington Harrier Athletic Club

Results - 2001 Business House Relay - Wellington Waterfront

Open Teams Results

PlaceTeam NumberTeam NameOrganisationTime
176Nareshs DairyScots College30.58
275Tandoori HeritageScots College31.34
37The 4 ScroogesNational Bank32.26
437Team No. 3Transend32.55
511Hutt City Council SpeedmenHutt City Council33.57
633WRC ConsentorsWellington Regional Council34.12
712S & TStephenson & Turner NZ Ltd35.08
854Chapman Tripp MixedChapman Tripp35.38
914Pacific PacersPacific Network Communications36.30
1070Old TrottersTonkin & Taylor Ltd37.13
111Duxton HotelDuxton International37.23
1273Club MedMinsitry of Economic Development37.24
1339MFATMin. of Foreign Affairs & Trade37.30
1410Boy RacersLand Transport Safety Authority37.39
1524Vice BoysGovernment House37.50
1620The Beca ShufflersBeca Carter Hollings and Ferner Ltd37.58
1729CAD 4Novak & Middleton Architects39.15
1867The GovernorsMinistry Of Health39.28
1968The LeftoversMinistry Of Health39.33
2061The Archive RunnersArchives NZ39.48
2121Beca Survey No.1Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner Ltd39.55
2255Stats HaresStatistics NZ40.00
235BB FlyersNational Bank40.19
2462Wyatts RiotMinistry Of Health40.21
2528The Flying FoxesPhillips Fox40.27
26400800 PoisonACC - DMU40.29
2717BNZ Has BeensBank of New Zealand40.30
2815eServglobal No.1eServglobal40.40
2948Fast & FuriousANZ Funds Management40.47
3019Beca Road HogsBeca Carter Hollings and Ferner Ltd40.49
3171Young TrottersTonkin & Taylor Ltd40.50
324Roads ScholarsMinistry of Education41.07
3326CCR RedNZ Post41.19
348PCOParliamentary Council Office41.25
3544Buddle Findlay No.1Buddle Findlay41.34
3666The IncursionsMinistry Of Health41.37
3735Ambling AuditorsWestpac Trust41.48
3816BNZ CrocksBank of New Zealand42.09
3930Inclusive Eco ToaThe Treasury42.11
4074Central ForceBank of New Zealand42.24
4151ApolloNational Bank42.27
426Taylor MacdonaldTaylor Macdonald Ltd.42.51
4343Te Puni Kokiri taneTe Puni Kokiri43.00
4469SynergySynergy International43.03
4572Motley CrewMinistry of Transport43.05
4659Stats StagsStatistics NZ43.20
4756Stats AntelopesStatistics NZ43.40
4857Stats EnvelopesStatistics NZ43.44
4923The WellesleyThe Wellesley Ltd.43.49
5042Dux Fast Fit BoysDux Industries Ltd43.54
5150TMP RunnersTMP Worldwide43.55
5234Battle WearyLucent Technologies43.57
5360Stats RabbitsStatistics NZ44.57
543The MarianettesOffice of Minister For Environment45.08
55464 BlondesANZ Funds Management45.17
5636Team No. 2Transend45.26
572Communications CentreNZ Fire & Police45.51
5849Money GrubbersNZ Stock Exchange46.07
5964The LegendsMinistry Of Health46.31
6031WatchdogsOffice of the Controller Auditor General47.09
6165Word of MouthMinistry Of Health47.21
6252Opus Team OneOpus International Consultants48.18
6341ACC SnailsACC 48.30
6463Dallas CowgirlsMinistry Of Health49.16
6558Stats SharksStatistics NZ49.32
6647Quarter PackANZ Funds Management50.44
6725CCR WhiteNZ Post55.40
6813Pacific E-MobilesPacific Network Communications56.25
9Faster You Go The Bigger The MessLand Transport Safety Authority
18BNZ Dead BeatsBank of New Zealand
22Beca Survey No. 2Beca Carter Hollings and Ferner Ltd
27Fox TrotPhillips Fox
32James Cook HotelJames Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor
38The Whiskey ChasersNational Bank
45Buddle Findlay No.2Buddle Findlay
53Opus Team TwoOpus International Consultants

Womens Teams Results

PlaceTeam NumberTeam NameOrganisationTime
2208MFAT WomenMin. of Foreign Affairs & Trade41.18
3213Chapman Tripp GirlsChapman Tripp44.17
4207Forty ToesNational Bank45.31
5201Road HogsLand Transport Safety Authority47.02
6203Vice GirlsGovernment House47.04
7209Te Puni Kokiri Wahine ToaTe Puni Kokiri47.15
8205WRC GirliesWellington Regional Council48.57
9211Money GrubbersDelightful DealersNZ Stock Exchange49.31
10212The Sedate LadiesNational Bank50.38
11204James Cook Hotel LadiesJames Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor52.02
206Team No. 1 (Women)Transend
210No PressureANZ Funds Management

Walkers Teams Results

PlaceTeam NumberTeam NameOrganisationTime
1320Vic Rec No 2Victoria University49.41
2332GYW LawGillespie Young Watson50.42
3326Stats TigersStatistics NZ52.00
4319Vic Rec No 1Victoria University52.42
5314Buddle Findlay No.3Buddle Findlay53.02
6324Stats CheetahsStatistics NZ53.21
7309EDS EDS NZ Ltd53.39
8302Positively Pacific PrancersPacific Network Communications54.22
9311Team No. 5Transend55.42
10312Team No. 7Transend55.42
11310Team No. 4Transend55.53
12327The Archive WalkersArchives NZ56.09
13325Stats Slowly SlowlyStatistics NZ56.39
14328DOA v 2.01Ministry Of Health59.05
15331Mass MovementTonkin & Taylor Ltd60.01
16308TQ3 Travel SolutionsTQ3 Travel Solutions60.10
17318TMP WalkersTMP Worldwide60.25
18306CCR OrangeNZ Post61.15
19301Charlies AngelsLand Transport Safety Authority61.28
20307CCR BlackNZ Post61.56
21304Amex CenturionsAmerican Express62.09
22313Mixed VegesNational Bank62.42
23317Z FreeClear Communications63.21
24315Buddle Findlay No.4Buddle Findlay63.27
25330Super SupportTonkin & Taylor Ltd64.30
26321Stats FerretsStatistics NZ65.56
27323Stats GazellesStatistics NZ66.31
28303eServglobal No.2eServglobal68.43
305CCR SilverNZ Post
316Buddle Findlay No.5Buddle Findlay
322Stats WombatsStatistics NZ
329Hot Rod HeavenMinistry Of Health
333The ForceBank of New Zealand
334Gale ForceBank of New Zealand