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First up …

Here’s some evidence that being part of a running club can be a huge help to children and teens looking to improve their skills and times. It’s the list of Wellington teams named for the national Secondary Schools Cross Country Relays in Taupo later this month. Many of the runners are from WHAC

This week we are highlighting the financial assistance that the club can give to some members facing travel costs or other expenses.

Well done to those who competed in the Christchurch Marathon last weekend and good luck to all those competing this weekend in the Dorne Cup.

Please send me details of any results, upcoming events, or ideas for future newsletters (email Nick Perry: nickgbperry@gmail.com).


Dorne Cup 2017. Source: Stuff


Cash Help

From Phillip Havill:

WHAC members are very fortunate to have access to assistance with travel, training, or other athletic expenses. This assistance can be cash grants and/or assistance with obtaining sponsorship.

There are two separate club trusts:

–          The Special Purposes Trust for all club members;

–          The Tattersall Foundation Trust for club members under 20 years of age.

These Trust were set up with generous bequests from deceased Life Members Bob Spence and Graham Tattersall.

If you are faced with expenses for training or travel within New Zealand or overseas, you can apply to the Convenor of the Trusts, Phillip Havill at tinakori118@gmail.com. Please provide the nature and date of the expense or trip, the total cost to you, and the amount you have already been able to raise. Each of the two trusts has six trustees who will consider each application. The trustees of each trust act independently from the other trust and independently from the board of the club. You may only receive a grant from one trust for each event.

The trust deeds allow for only the income of the trusts to be spent on grants. The capital is preserved to provide future income. The cash grants will cover only a part of your costs.

If you would like assistance to explore sponsorship opportunities or grant applications with outside funders, please contact WHAC’s Sponsorship Manager, Doug Hancock doug.hancock22@gmail.com, with a copy to the Trusts Convenor.


Cross Country Stars

Here’s a story about Kirstie Rae and Maali Kyle-Ford, who won the U19 and U16 titles at the Wellington Regional Champs. Both are students at Wellington East Girls’ College.

Link here:


Dorne Cup 2018

A reminder that those who haven’t already collected their winter inter-club race bibs can do so at the WHAC club tent at the Dorne Cup. The races are held on Saturday June 9 in Trentham Memorial Park, Trentham.  Enter from Barton Avenue (off Fergusson Drive). Race headquarters will be located inside the park adjacent to the pavilion near the Trentham United Harrier Club Rooms.

1:00 p.m. 6 km Masters Women (35+), Masters Women (50+), Open Women (SW), Masters Men (60+), Masters Men (70), Masters Women (60+)

1:30 p.m. 4 km Men Under 20 (MU20), Women Under 20 (WU20),  Men Under 18 (MU18), Women Under 18 (WU18)

2:00 p.m. 2 km Boys & Girls Under 11 (BU11/GU11), Boys & Girls Under 13 (BU13/GU13)

2:15 p.m. 3 km Boys Under 15(BU15), Girls Under 15  (GU15)

2:30 p.m. 1 km Boys Under 9 (BU9), Girls Under 9 (GU9)

2.45 p.m. 8 km Open Men (SM), Masters Men (35+) & (50+)


Tempo Wednesdays

From Paul Hewitson:

Over the past few years we have held a regular Tuesday tempo session from Freyberg starting in June/July. This was to help prepare for road racing season starting early July, overlapping with cross country and finishing with National Road Relays in October. This year, however, Pelorus is being held in November. I’m going to be at Freyberg at 5:30 p.m. regularly on Wednesdays. There are several reasons: Scottish do intervals on Tuesdays at the same time, creating congestion; there is more time to rest from a Sunday long run; and my quiz nights are on Tuesdays. In addition, Coene’s pub is right next door to Freyberg which gives us a great option if we can’t make Garage Project after Polhill on Thursdays. Looking forward to a dry July… Hope to see you @freyberg.


Club Development Programme

From Vickie Humphries:

WHAC has been chosen as one of 16 clubs nationally to take part in a three-year project run by Athletics New Zealand. It’s designed to help harrier and athletic clubs plan for the future. To start, Athletics New Zealand would like club members to complete an online survey in order to gain insight into the club and to provide a starting point for upcoming strategy meetings. The survey is important for our club and we would greatly appreciate your input.

Here’s the link:


Reports and Results

Congratulations to all those who competed in the Christchurch Marathon. Among those who did well were Letha Whitham (2nd SW 3:06:13), and in the half-marathon Melissa Black (5th SW 1:23:40), Sophie Lee (15th SW 1:30:55), and Richard Swan (19th SM 1:16:22). Also worth noting was the world-class time by 54-year-old Katikati athlete Sally Gibbs in the half marathon: 1:20:23. Wow.

Full results here:

Congratulations to all, and apologies for any errors and/or omissions. Good luck to everyone competing over the next seven days.


Upcoming Events

WHAC running calendar for June and July 2018



9th Dorne Cup (inter-club), Trentham

16th Club runs/walks from the clubrooms

17th Honest 10k leaving from Freyberg

16th/17th NZ Secondary Schools XC & Relay, Taupo

23rd Press/Palmer Cups from the clubrooms

30th Club runs/walks from the clubrooms



1st  Wellington Marathon, half, 10k & 5k  (inc Wellington Half Marathon Champs), Westpac Stadium

7th  North Island Cross Country Champs, Taupo

7th  Club runs/walks from the clubrooms

7th-24th School Holidays

14th  Wellington Cross Country Champs, Grenada North

14th  Urban Ultra, Mt Kaukau

15th  Honest 10k, from Freyberg

21st  Olympic hosting Club runs/walks, Johnsonville

28th  Resnick Cup Road Race. from the clubrooms


Check out the Cool Running New Zealand website for additional events that might take your fancy!


WHAC Board Information

If you have any ideas for, or questions about, the Club, please feel free to forward these to a Board member, or to the Secretary, Vickie Humphries (whacsecretary@gmail.com).  Your Board members are: Peter Rendall, Terry Fraser, Trent Stallard, Andrea Peat, John Barrance, Bertram Manz, Nathan Tse, Paul Hewitson, Julie Richards, Gordon Clarke, Will Bell, Doug Hancock, Vickie Humphries, Kristy Macdonald and Melissa Black.

Bays Relay 2017


Final results available here.

    Turkey trot results available here.

Any name corrections, email to Brendon brendon.flanagan@xtra.co.nz and Paul kiwiquaker@me.com

Timings will stand per timekeeper recordings as they were ledigable.

2 min penalty was added to teams 2 & 4 final time for infringments.

Become a part of history by entering the 50th edition of the Bays Relay!

The Bays Relay is a fast and exciting road relay dating back to 1968. The relay consists of 5 laps varying between 3.85km and 4.80km, beginning at Island Bay and finishing at Evans Bay.

For the more social runners the relay provides a great opportunity to build connections with fellow team members and race around some of Wellington’s most picturesque bays. For the more competitive runners, the Bays Relay is the perfect chance to have a hit out on the road and practice some race tactics before the New Zealand Road Relay Championships.

Entries for this year’s Bays Relay must be made by August 9th.

For more information about entry and access to entry forms click the following link: Bays Relay Entry Form

For information and forms about the Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot click the following link: Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot

Bays relay map: Map