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First up …

Running Around A Nation

Old Boys Run

Shelly Bay Survey

National Road Relay Payments

Please Return Trophies

Neon Night Walk And Run

Reports and Results

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First up …

It’s not every day you get to say you ran around an entire nation, so I thought I would share a few details of a run I did this week. I’ve included a photo of a store along the route with a name that made me laugh.

This Saturday is the club’s Old Boys Memorial Road Race, a good chance for a tempo hit-out ahead of National Road Relays.

Please send me details of any results, upcoming events, or ideas for future newsletters (email Nick Perry: nickgbperry@gmail.com).


Photo by Nick Perry in Nauru


Running Around A Nation

From Nick Perry

After I found out I’d be travelling to Nauru for work, I began wondering about running around the country. It’s one of the smallest nations in the world and it seemed doable. It has a paved ring road, but also lots of wild dogs.

Nauru is close to the equator and steaming hot. On my first morning there, I set out on a test run before sunrise. My singlet was sodden within minutes, and dogs kept chasing me. I yelled at them, clapped my hands, even tried barking back. They were pretty fearless but luckily didn’t bite.

The next morning it was time to try the whole loop. I was shirtless this time and carrying a piece of plastic pipe, like a long running baton. That’s what the locals advised and it worked wonders. I’d just raise it in the air and the dogs would usually cower away. This time my biggest issue was a lack of water. So I stopped at my workplace after 6 km, startling the woman who was just opening up. She didn’t say a word as I explained I was grabbing some bottled water. I guess I was half naked, dripping with sweat and carrying a pipe. Crazy foreigners, eh.

The second half of the run was more enjoyable. It was sunrise, I was on a pretty stretch of coast, and the dogs seemed to be taking naps. And then all of a sudden after 18 kilometers I was back where I started. From what I’d read, I thought I still had another two or three kilometres to go, so it was a pleasant surprise. And time for a dip in the ocean!


Old Boys Run

From Paul Hewitson

This Saturday is a perfect opportunity for a 6.47 km tempo training run in preparation for road relays. Last year we had 35 runners, so let’s try to top that this year. Members please meet at the clubrooms by 2 p.m. It starts at the Wind Needle and head north in an out-and-back.


Shelly Bay Survey

Jay Short, a friend of Nathan Tse, is writing his master’s thesis on the development of Shelly Bay, and part of the process is conducting a survey to get public opinion, especially from those living in the Eastern suburbs. The development has implications for the club and may impact the Bays Relay. There is more information and an opportunity to participater here

Alternatively, if anyone wishes to be interviewed about the topic, they can fill out the form at the following link and Jay will be in touch with them: link here


National Road Relay Payments

Don’t forget to pay!

Cost: $180

Bank Account: 12-3493-0058553-50

Reference: NZRR and your surname/initials

PAYMENT DUE DATE: September 28th


Please Return Trophies

From Philip Havill

It is that time of the year when I need to get the club trophies back so they can be prepared for engraving in mid-September.

Can members please return their trophies as soon as possible to the club rooms or contact me on tinakori118@gmail.com or 021-0269-0803. Thanks so much.


Neon Night Walk And Run

This a new event on Oct. 27 in Porirua that is raising money for charity. The organisers say:

This is your chance to do good, have fun, get fit, challenge yourself and dress up in neon to get into the Halloween spirit. #glow4good and complete 8, 16 or 24 km through native bush to a scenic lookout, in the beautiful Colonial Knob /Rangituhi Reserve in Porirua, starting & finishing at Camp Elsdon. This is a fundraising event, a chance for you to truly make a difference for the charity of your choice whilst conquering Colonial Knob 1, 2 or 3 times!!!

Info here


Reports and Results

2018 New Zealand Road Race Championships:

SM 10 km: Isaac Murphy 9th (31:51)

SW 10 km: Maiya Christini 5th (36:46)

MU18 6 km: Liam Chesney 9th (20:01)

MW55 5 km: Carline Thomas 2nd (21:50)

MM55 10 km: Paul Hewiston 1st (36:52)

MM65: 10 km: Geoff Smith 5th (46:38)


Congratulations to all, and apologies for any errors or omissions. Good luck to everyone competing over the next seven days.


Upcoming Events

WHAC running calendar for September and October 2018



8th   Old Boys Memorial Road Race, from the clubrooms

15th  Henderson Relay (U14) and club runs ad walks from the clubrooms

16th  Honest 10k, starting at Freyberg Pool

22nd  Wellington Scottish hosting club runs and walks from the Scottish clubrooms

29th  Club runs abd walks from the clubrooms

29th  School holidays Sept 29 – October16



6th  NZ Road Relays, Christchurch

13th  Harrier section prizegiving & AGM followed by afternoon tea (bring a plate). At the clubrooms.

14th  Masterton Marathon, Half, 10k, 5k (Inc. Wellington Marathon Champs) Masterton

20th  Bernie Potenski Memorial Handicap, Titahi Bay

21st  Honest 10k


Check out the Cool Running New Zealand website for additional events that might take your fancy!


WHAC Board Information

If you have any ideas for, or questions about, the Club, please feel free to forward these to a board member, or to the secretary, Melissa Black (whacsecretary@gmail.com). Your board members are: Peter Rendall, Terry Fraser, Andrea Peat, John Barrance, Bertram Manz, Nathan Tse, Paul Hewitson, Julie Richards, Gordon Clarke, Kristy Macdonald, Melissa Black, Alex Jones, Hayden Snell, Callum Stewart and Georgina Wedge.

Bays Relay 2017


Final results available here.

    Turkey trot results available here.

Any name corrections, email to Brendon brendon.flanagan@xtra.co.nz and Paul kiwiquaker@me.com

Timings will stand per timekeeper recordings as they were ledigable.

2 min penalty was added to teams 2 & 4 final time for infringments.

Become a part of history by entering the 50th edition of the Bays Relay!

The Bays Relay is a fast and exciting road relay dating back to 1968. The relay consists of 5 laps varying between 3.85km and 4.80km, beginning at Island Bay and finishing at Evans Bay.

For the more social runners the relay provides a great opportunity to build connections with fellow team members and race around some of Wellington’s most picturesque bays. For the more competitive runners, the Bays Relay is the perfect chance to have a hit out on the road and practice some race tactics before the New Zealand Road Relay Championships.

Entries for this year’s Bays Relay must be made by August 9th.

For more information about entry and access to entry forms click the following link: Bays Relay Entry Form

For information and forms about the Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot click the following link: Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot

Bays relay map: Map