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  • Alexandra Road closure March 18

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First up …

The club sign-up day on Saturday went well and there were a few new faces who turned up, so a big thanks to everyone who put in the effort to help out or attend. A reminder that this Sunday WHAC is hosting the latest edition of the the Honest 10, and also that Alexandra Road will be closed for most of the day, so anyone wanting to use the club house before the run will need to get there early. Sunday is also the day of the Weet-Bix Kids Tryathlon at Kilbirnie Park.

Don’t forget to send me details of any results, upcoming events, or ideas for future newsletters (email Nick Perry: nickgbperry@gmail.com).


Honest 10

The club has just scraped together enough helpers and pacers for the Honest 10 on Sunday, March 18, so thanks to everyone who has volunteered. Please come and support this event, which helps raise money for the club. Gabby is always keen for more volunteers for future editions: Gabby O’Rourke (gabbyor125@gmail.com).


Junior Athletics Prize Giving 

The Junior Athletics Prize Giving will be held after club day at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 24, at Newtown Park. Please bring a plate. The plan is to finish off the athletics season with some fun games and a steeplechase, weather permitting.


Peter Rendall’s message:

The track season is almost over, with the Athletics New Zealand Track & Field Championships held in Hamilton last weekend. Club members featured in a number of events. We excelled in high jump, winnng four medals. James Preston won two silver medals and there is a link below to a story on him.

Here is a list of the medal winners – apologies if I have omitted anyone.



Keeley O’Hagen: SW high jump

Imogen Skelton: WU20 high jump

Alex Haye: SM 400m

Kelsey Forman: SW 3000m steeplechase

Daniel Du Toit: MU18 3000m race walk

Phoebe McKnight: WU20 5000m

Rowan Blakie and Josh Nairne: MU20 4×400 relay



Maia Ramsden: WU18 800m

Bill Crayford: SM high jump

Imogen Skelton: SW high jump.

James Preston: SM 1500m

Kirstie Rae: WU18 1500m

James Preston: SM 800m

Daniel Du Toit: MU20 10km race walk



Alex Haye: SM 200m

Jacob Matson: SM 400m

Rowan Blaikie: MU20 400m

Rowan Blaikie: MU20 4×100 relay

Full Results

Athletics New Zealand article on James Preston


Alexandra Road closure March 18

We have had notification from the Wellington Car Club that Alexandra Road will be closed to all traffic from the intersection of Constable Street to the Lookout Road intersection from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Sunday, 18 March, for the purpose of a car sprint event run by the Wellington Car Club. That means there will be no general access to the clubrooms during those hours. It happens to be the day of the Honest 10 race, and we’ve told them we’ll need to pick up some gear in the morning at around 7:30 a.m. It’s also the day of the Weet-Bix Kids Tryathlon at Kilbirnie Park.


Reports and Results

Day 1 of the Athletics Wellington Junior Championships was held on March 11 at Newtown Park, with Day 2 to be held this coming Sunday, March 18.

Results here:

Congratulations to all, and apologies for any errors and/or omissions. Good luck to everyone competing over the next seven days.


Upcoming and Ongoing Events, and other News

March/April 2018

Please review the entries in the two-month calendar extract shown below and refer to the Athletics Wellington website for more information. Additional links will be included in the newsletter to assist with this. Note that this is AW’s Track and Field calendar, hence its termination mid-April! (The full 2-page calendar can be viewed in its entirety here.)

Click here for further information (entry procedure etc.) on all Senior Track & Field Interclubs.



Honest 10, Sunday 18 March — from the Wind Needle

Let’s keep trying to promote this event!

If anyone can help for future events, please email Gabby O’Rourke (gabbyor125@gmail.com).


5K races, Tuesdays — weekly (Scottish) and biweekly (Trentham United)

If you can’t make the weekly in-town event (waterfront5k.nz), head to Trenthan Park for an every-two-weeks alternative (trenthamunited.com/events/trentham-5km-series). The biweekly series consists of six events, with the final event on March 27.


Don’t forget … check out the Cool Running New Zealand website for additional events that might take your fancy!


WHAC Board stuff

If you have any ideas for, or questions about, the Club, please feel free to forward these to a Board member, or to the Secretary, Vickie Humphries (whacsecretary@gmail.com).  Your Board members are: Peter Rendall, Terry Fraser, Trent Stallard, Andrea Peat, John Barrance, Bertram Manz, Nathan Tse, Paul Hewitson, Julie Richards, Gordon Clarke, Will Bell, Doug Hancock and Vickie Humphries.

Bays Relay 2017


Final results available here.

    Turkey trot results available here.

Any name corrections, email to Brendon brendon.flanagan@xtra.co.nz and Paul kiwiquaker@me.com

Timings will stand per timekeeper recordings as they were ledigable.

2 min penalty was added to teams 2 & 4 final time for infringments.

Become a part of history by entering the 50th edition of the Bays Relay!

The Bays Relay is a fast and exciting road relay dating back to 1968. The relay consists of 5 laps varying between 3.85km and 4.80km, beginning at Island Bay and finishing at Evans Bay.

For the more social runners the relay provides a great opportunity to build connections with fellow team members and race around some of Wellington’s most picturesque bays. For the more competitive runners, the Bays Relay is the perfect chance to have a hit out on the road and practice some race tactics before the New Zealand Road Relay Championships.

Entries for this year’s Bays Relay must be made by August 9th.

For more information about entry and access to entry forms click the following link: Bays Relay Entry Form

For information and forms about the Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot click the following link: Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot

Bays relay map: Map