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First Up

Well, we’ve made it through the first week of the lockdown, even if it feels like it’s already been a month.

The extraordinary changes happening globally and in our own lives can be disorientating and worrying. What has been heartening for me over the past week is seeing the sense of community that’s coming through, whether it’s neighbours talking to each other for the first time or people putting bears in their windows.

There have been a lot more people out and about on the streets getting fresh air, walking their dogs or going for a run. And that has led to plenty of discussion among athletes about what is allowable under the current rules, and how best to avoid contact with others while getting exercise.

There was a lot of strong reaction to a Stuff article discussing how some people have been venturing far afield on their bike rides and runs. The police and the prime minister have been asked for clarity on exactly what is acceptable, and have said they are leaving it up to people’s common sense. Even the health minister got some stick for bending the rules on essential travel by driving to his local park to go for a bike ride.

A couple of observations that some runners have made: roads and wide trails give you more space to avoid people than narrow tracks; an ultrarunner might have a different view of a local run than somebody training for their first 5K; and you’ll avoid the crowds with early or late runs. Hopefully we can all find our way with this.

Please let me know how your exercise routines are working out during lockdown.

Email Nick Perry: nickgbperry@gmail.com

Yep, that’s a guy in yellow that we are featuring in the WHAC newsletter. Grant McLean, with an age-adjusted road sign. Somebody in blue needs to knock him off the top spot on the Lockdown Challenge leaderboard!


The Virtual Blue Bubble

Mark Te Punga is inviting people to join an email group during the lockdown, a virtual blue bubble to take on challenges or chat about running. Email him if you want to sign up: marktepunga@hotmail.com


The Lockdown Challenge

Some folks from Scottish got the ball rolling on a friendly challenge over various courses around the city during lockdown. Email Jim Jones: J.R.Jones@massey.ac.nz if you want to be included on the email list. Here are some of the results after the first week:


The Makara Hill Lockdown Challenge

1.       Grant McLean 10:19  (M50)

2.       Oliver McLean 10:33 (SM)

3.       Sarah Drought 10:56 (SW)

4.       Stephen Bass 12:01 (M40)

5.       James Turner 12:19 (M50)

6.       James Waite 12:20 (M40)

7.       Jim Jones 12:36 (M50)

8.       Nick Perry 13:01 (M40)

9.       Paul Hewitson 13:53 (M50)

10.     Don Stevens 19:08 (M50)

This is a 2.4km uphill route that starts near the Makara cemetery and finishes at the Makara saddle. Start: 50k signs at bottom of hill. Finish: Cattery sign at top.  Tip:  Check you stopwatch says Grant.  Strava actually starts about 70m up the road from the 50k signs.


The Houghton Bay Lockdown Challenge

1.     Peter Stevens 7:15 (M50)

2.     Andrew Wheatley 8:18 (M50)

3.     Gerard Gordon 9:26 (M50)

Start: Bus stop just past Cave Rd. Finish: At top where HB rd intersects with Buckley Rd. Tip: choose a southerly.


The Mount Vic Lockdown Challenge

1.     Paul Hewitson 10:33 (M50)

2.     Peter Stevens 10:55 (M50)

3.    Jonathan Hales 12:00 (M50)

Start: Foot of Hawker Street. Up Palliser.  Finish: Carpark on the top of Mt Vic/lookout.


Message To Club Members

From John Barrance and Vickie Humphries

Our message to all members and to the wider WHAC family is: stay safe, healthy and well. Be active within government guidelines.

Look out for yourself, members of your bubble, your family, your friends and your neighbours. A friendly smile and a hand wave, from 2 metres, will go a long way towards maintaining our mental wellbeing. As will keeping up our contacts through phone calls, texts, emails, and social media.

Some WHAC members, especially the older ones, may need help. If you need support, or if you think that another member needs support, please reach out to your usual club contact. That may be your section contact listed towards the end of this bulletin. Or your coach. You are not alone. We will respond.

There can be no organised group events or activities between now and 31st May. As soon as we are able, the harrier season, including inter-clubs, will commence.

We look forward to a time when all of this is over. When we can once again regroup in our local parks, enjoy each other’s company, be active and share the best part of the week together.

Together, we will get through this. Best wishes, John and Vickie.


WHAC Board Information

If you have ideas for the club or any questions, please contact a board member or the secretary, Melissa Black (secretary@whac.org.nz). Your board members are: Peter Rendall, Terry Fraser, John Barrance, Bertram Manz, Nathan Tse, Paul Hewitson, Julie Richards, Gordon Clarke, Melissa Black, Alex Jones, Georgina Wedge, Esther George, Willie Gunn, Miranda Spencer and Jack Waterworth.

Bays Relay 2017


Final results available here.

    Turkey trot results available here.

Any name corrections, email to Brendon brendon.flanagan@xtra.co.nz and Paul kiwiquaker@me.com

Timings will stand per timekeeper recordings as they were ledigable.

2 min penalty was added to teams 2 & 4 final time for infringments.

Become a part of history by entering the 50th edition of the Bays Relay!

The Bays Relay is a fast and exciting road relay dating back to 1968. The relay consists of 5 laps varying between 3.85km and 4.80km, beginning at Island Bay and finishing at Evans Bay.

For the more social runners the relay provides a great opportunity to build connections with fellow team members and race around some of Wellington’s most picturesque bays. For the more competitive runners, the Bays Relay is the perfect chance to have a hit out on the road and practice some race tactics before the New Zealand Road Relay Championships.

Entries for this year’s Bays Relay must be made by August 9th.

For more information about entry and access to entry forms click the following link: Bays Relay Entry Form

For information and forms about the Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot click the following link: Great Bays Relay Turkey Trot

Bays relay map: Map