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First Up

The start of the harrier season is finally here, with the club’s opening day on Saturday, June 27. Paul Hewitson has been working long hours to get the clubrooms into better shape with improved insulation, heating and storage. The clubrooms are already feeling more welcoming and warm.

The season begins with the short and fun Donaldson Memorial Relay, followed by food and beverages, so please bring along something to eat or drink. Please be at the clubrooms in time for a 2 p.m. start.

And don’t forget to pay your reduced membership fee. You can do that here

For future newsletter items or suggestions, please email Nick Perry: nickgbperry@gmail.com

Paul Hewitson at work in the clubrooms


My Oh Maiya

Athletics New Zealand has written a nice story about club member Maiya Christini, who recently moved back to Auckland. It describes how she has thrived under the coaching of Kieron McDonald and hopes to defend her national cross country title in Dunedin at the end of August. Full story here


10 Reasons To Run Cross Country

From Athletics New Zealand. Full story here

1 – Embrace the fun

Cross country is a genuinely fun experience. Comprising jumps, water, mud, hills and even farmland terrain, the discipline is a great introduction for kids to the sport.

2 – Build mental toughness

Running up hills, through mud and across streams for up to 10km may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it does build mental resilience, according to New Zealand’s 2019 World Championship 5000m and 10,000m finalist Camille Buscomb.

3 – Follow in the footsteps of legends

All of New Zealand’s greatest endurance runners emerged from a cross country background. Sir Murray Halberg, Sir Peter Snell, Sir John Walker, Rod Dixon, Dick Quax, Nick Willis, Lorraine Moller, Anne Audain, and Allison Roe were given their initial running education competing in cross country.

4 – Come together as a team

Whether you are competing at a club, provincial or international level, cross country differs from road and track in that there is often a team component to the competition.

5 – Run in all weather

From snow, wind, rain, hail, and sun – the New Zealand winter typically can throw up every conceivable form of weather.

6 – Something for everyone

No two cross country races are quite the same. Some are hilly. Some are flat and others more technical, while the on the day conditions – rain, wind, etc can also play a significant role.

7 – Save your legs

Running on the road can be demanding on the legs but the softer underfoot conditions experienced on cross country can help build fitness without the extra strain.

8 – Enjoy a guilt-free afternoon tea

A little bit like fish with chips, cross country goes together with afternoon tea. The social element following a cross country run is one of the highlights for many with the mountains of food on offer to be embraced.

9 – Take on a challenge

Many of us in 2020 have been forced to press the re-set button on our lives as we tackle the fallout of a global pandemic. Yet life under lockdown gave many of us the opportunity to devote more time to exercise with many of us running for the first time in years.

10 – Enter the New Zealand Championships

All Athletics NZ members have the option to enter the New Zealand Cross Country Championships which take place on August 29 at Chisholm Park Golf Links.


Club Fees Announced 

From Bertram Manz

We are pleased to announce our membership fees for 2020-21. Due to the special circumstances this year they are substantially reduced from last year. They range from $20 for the 0-6s to $86 for Seniors and Masters (last year this group paid $170).

WHAC membership fees have three components: the WHAC charge; the Athletics Wellington levy; and the Athletics NZ levy. The reason for the membership fee reductions this year is twofold. Athletics Wellington has waived its entire levy. Because of the shortened harrier season and the financial impact of Covid-19 on WHAC members, we will charge as the club component for this season $20 for Seniors and Masters (last year $64), and $10 for all other grades.

The new WHAC membership fees for 2020-2021 are as follows:

Age 20+                                                     $86

Full time Tertiary Students 20+               $76

Age 15-19                                                  $61

Age 7-14                                                    $45


Recreational age 15+                                $56

Age 0-6                                                       $20

Supporter                                                   $20

Because of the reduced fees there is no family discount this year. Please go online to the WHAC website www.whac.org.nz to register online. Click the Join Now! tab and follow the simple instructions. Payment is made by credit/debit card.

Members will understand that the reduced club charge for this season will contribute to the club’s financial loss for the 2020-21 year. We are fortunate that our club balance sheet is so strong. Prudent financial management and generous bequests from deceased members have resulted in good financial reserves. The club is well placed to weather this temporary financial loss.

All membership enquiries to Bertram Manz at membership@whac.org.nz.


Upcoming Events

WHAC running calendar for June and July 2020



27th         Official harrier season opening & Donaldson Memorial Relay, clubrooms



4th          Press/Palmer Cups, clubrooms

11th        Club runs/walks, clubrooms

18th        Resnick Cup Road Race, clubrooms

19th        Honest 10K, Freyberg Pool

25th        Needle Relay, Evans Bay


WHAC Board Information

If you have ideas for the club or any questions, please contact a board member or the secretary, Melissa Black (secretary@whac.org.nz). Your board members are: Peter Rendall, Terry Fraser, John Barrance, Bertram Manz, Nathan Tse, Paul Hewitson, Julie Richards, Gordon Clarke, Melissa Black, Alex Jones, Georgina Wedge, Esther George, Willie Gunn, Miranda Spencer and Jack Waterworth.