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  • Needle Relay Results

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First Up

Well the sun came out to shine for the inaugural Needle Relay on Saturday, a contrast to the last few years when there have been some pretty grim, hypothermia-inducing conditions for the Bays Relays.

It seems the new format went well and was a big success. It was great to be able to keep track of the action from a central base. To top it off, WHAC won both the senior men’s and senior women’s grades, a terrific result, albeit with Scottish choosing to spread out their talent into different teams on the men’s side.

A huge thanks to everybody who volunteered on the day, especially to Gabby O’Rourke and Paul Hewitson, who helped put it all together. Hopefully it will become an annual fixture on the Wellington running scene.

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The start of the first-ever Needle Relay


Registration Glitch

From Bertram Manz

We have noticed that some members have been charged multiple times for their registrations. This is due to a glitch in the OneSportTechnology membership system, and Athletics New Zealand are aware of this problem.

Please check your statements, and if you have been overcharged then send an email to Bertram Manz membership@whac.org.nz. Please provide as much detail as possible, as this will make it easier to trace where the money went. Athletics New Zealand will refund these overcharged fees.


Club AGM Next Month

The club’s Annual General Meeting will be held at the clubrooms from 7:00 p.m. on Monday, 24th August. The AGM is open to all WHAC members and affiliates and includes the presentation of the annual report, financial reports, election of the board of directors for the next year, nominations for life members and honorary members. It is also a chance to have your say or express your thoughts on aspects of the club.

Every year, those who are wanting to stand on the WHAC Board of Directors submit a nomination at the AGM. There are 15 members on the WHAC Board of Directors, encompassing a variety of roles. While there are sections leaders (i.e. Track and Field Manager, Harrier Manager, Children’s Manager etc), there are spaces on the Board for members who do not have a specific role initially.

Through being a member on the Board, you are able to contribute to the workings of the club, including, but not limited to:

Event development and promotion
Club development and strategic plan
Membership and recruitment
Club finances
Funding opportunities and applications

Our current Board members and their roles are:

John Barrance – President
Melissa Black – Secretary
Gordon Clarke – Buildings and Maintenance
Terry Fraser – Coaching
Esther George – Grants and Sponsorship
Willie Gunn
Alex Jones – Finance
Paul Hewitson – Harriers
Bertram Manz (Chairperson) – Membership and Uniforms
Peter Rendall – Track and Field
Julie Richards – Children
Miranda Spencer – Grants and Sponsorship
Nathan Tse – Marketing
Jack Waterworth
Georgina Wedge – Health and Safety

If you would like to find out more information about any of the roles or responsibilities of the Board or specific members, please email secretary@whac.org.nz.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM for 2020.

Vacancy for Club Treasurer:
Our current treasurer will resign with the end of the current period. This is a very essential role for the running of our club. Its purpose is to keep accurate club accounts and reporting monthly on expenditure against budget, and balance sheet. We are looking for an enthusiastic person with experience in accounting to fill this role. The other Board members and former treasurer will support the new person in this role.
If you are interested to contribute to the running of our club, please email secretary@whac.org.nz.


Needle Relay winners


Needle Relay Results

Congratulations to everybody who participated. There were some great results by the club, including several people who got the fastest overall laps in their divisions:

Nathan Tse in the SM 3k (9:02), Jaguun Gunregjav-Willers in the kids 1.6k (5:31), Caitlin Bassett in the WU20 5k (18:55), Miranda Spencer in the SW 3k (11:13), Vickie Humphries in the MW50 3k (12:28), and Brian Hayes in the M70 (22:51).

The top-placed club team in each division were:

Childrens Needle Relay 3rd (24:08) Gabrielle Healey 5:33, Maria Revelant 6:15, Nancy Li 6:20, Olive Sq uire 5:58

Men’s Under 20 3rd (1:16:30) Mason Waterwoth 16:30, Callum Anderson 11:01, Connor Chesney 16:30, Theo Wilkinson 12:22, Finbar Chesney 20:07

Women’s Under 20 2nd (1:22:54) Maia Wilkinson 19:52, Anna Bassett 11:54, Maali Kyle Ford 19:39, Amelia Abernethy 12:34, Caitlin Bassett 18:55

Senior Men 1st (1:06:20) Yahya Jama 16:36, Callum Stewart 9:59, Isaac Murphy 14:58, Nathan Tse 9:02, Max Karamanolis 15:44

Senior Women 1st (1:18:03) Esther George 18:25, Andrea Peat 11:18, Sarah Riceman 19:02, Miranda Spencer 11:13, Jean Kozyniak 18:05

Masters Men 35 3rd (1:12:45) Dan Clendon 16:09, James Waite 10:24, Richard Swan 17:10, John Beale 10:35, Seth Campbell 18:27

Masters Women 35 2nd (1:24:20) Helen Ewing 18:44, Onur Oktem 13:58, Natalie Hardaker 20:22, Vickie Humphries 12:28, Tamara Winkler 18:47

Masters Men 50 2nd (1:18:43) Dave Creamer 18:13, Colin Price 11:20, Paul Hewitson 17:51, Ian MacFarlane 11:54, Nick Perry 19:26

Masters Men 60 2nd (1:37:38) Duncan Matthews 23:55, Peter Corbett 13:52, Geoff Smith 22:12, Jeff Annan 14:48, Brian Hayes 22:51

Composite 3rd (1:36:09) Vivian Cheng 21:57, Chris Knight 14:15, Neil Price 24:34, Matt O’Driscoll 14:03, Tom Donoghue 21:19


Resnick Cup U14 Results

Resnick Cup 2020 (Under 14 Results)

Handicap Places:                                        Fastest Times:

Toby Clendon                                              Under 10: 1500m
Emily Matthews                                           6:35    Emily Matthews
Delia Davies                                                6:43    Delia Davies
Sam Clendon                                               6:56    Sam Clendon
Xavier James                                               7:27    Ella Macdonald
Kennedy Corkin                                           7:46    Toby Clendon
Cameron Starr                                            10:11  Layla Starr
Ella Macdonald
Theo Wilkinson                                            Under 14: 3000m
Holly James                                                 11:31  Xavier James
Lucy Clendon                                               11:34 Kennedy Corkin
Agata Solinas                                              11:51  Maria Revelant
Lulu Davies                                                 12:09  Cameron Starr
Maria Revelant                                            12:57  Amelie Barker
Layla Starr                                                   13:05  Holly James
Daniella Starr                                               13:22  Daniella Starr
Amelie Barker                                              13:45  Lucy Clendon
Scarlett Anderson                                        14.00 Agata Solinas
Lily Davies

Under 16: 3000m: 11:25 Lulu Davies, 11:47 Theo Wilkinson, 11:53 Scarlett Anderson, 12:07 Lily Davies


Upcoming Events

WHAC running calendar for August and September 2020



1st              Club runs/walks, clubrooms

2nd (Sun)   Johnsonville Masters Road Race, Johnsonville

5th              College Sport Wellington Cross Country Champs, Trentham

8th              Victoria University Relay (interclub), Mackays Crossing

15th            Joint Club run Olympic & Scotttish Harriers, Wilton Bowling Club

16th (Sun)  Wellington Cross Country Champs (interclub), Harcourt Park

16th (Sun)  Honest 10K, Freyberg

17th             AGM (provisional), clubrooms

22nd            Club runs/walks, clubrooms

29th             Club runs/walks, clubrooms

29th             New Zealand Cross Country Champs, Dunedin

30th (Sun)   Wellington Marathon, Half, 10k (inc Wellington Half Marathon Champs), Sky Stadium



5th                Henderson Relay (U14) and club runs/walks, clubrooms

12th              Old Boys Memorial Road Race, clubrooms

19th              Wellington Road Running Champs (interclub), Wainuiomata

20th (Sun)    Honest 10K, Freyberg

20th              Big Breakfast, clubrooms

24th              Inter-regional Cross Country (primary schools), Harcourt Park

26th             Joint club run Olympic & Scotttish Harriers, clubrooms

26th              New Zealand Marathon Champs, Rotorua


WHAC Board Information

If you have ideas for the club or any questions, please contact a board member or the secretary, Melissa Black (secretary@whac.org.nz). Your board members are: Peter Rendall, Terry Fraser, John Barrance, Bertram Manz, Nathan Tse, Paul Hewitson, Julie Richards, Gordon Clarke, Melissa Black, Alex Jones, Georgina Wedge, Esther George, Willie Gunn, Miranda Spencer and Jack Waterworth.