Wellington Harrier Athletic Club

Results - 2002 Press/Palmer Cups - 25 May 2002 - Mt Victoria

The weather was fine, the track hard and fast and the hills were something else...

Obviously the course found favour with new member Amy "Burglar" Vandruten, who foxed the handicapper completely, and bolted home over a minute better than the equal seconds Hayley M and Alison. Jamie Whelan looks like he has a chance at the Boys Handicap Trophy - all he's got to do is finish the Resnick and the Old Boys, as he was the only male starter in this race. Hayley Green was fastest over the 2.160kms, with Alice Feslier-Holmes just 17 seconds back - excellent competition and a really good indication of how good our U14 girls are. I'm looking forward to seeing how we go in the Dorne and Vosseler races.

Hey Boys - we need you to turn up for races... So we can have a team if nothing else. Remember that most events have both an individual and a team competition, but we usually need at least 4 runners to make up a team.

Peter R.


NamePlaceTimeHandicapH. TimeH. Place
Hayley Green18:520.368:165th
Alice Feslier-Holmes29:090.368:337th
Jamie Whelan39:580.369:2211th
Tamlin McKenzie410:001:388:226th
Renee De Lisle510:561:389:1810th
Ellen Kemp611:062:158:519th
Hayley Mckenzie711:073:537:242nd =
Alison Sampson811:233:597:242nd=
Amy Vandruten911:305:136:171st
Nicola Blacklaws1011:313:228:094th
Sarah McNeill1111:513:108:418th
Alex Clark1213:302:0211:2813th
Katie Hansen1313:424:119:3112th