Wellington Harrier Athletic Club

Results - 2000 Old Boys Memorial Road Race - 16 September 2000 - Lyall Bay


Race TimeH'CapH'Cap Time
1Vickie Humphries29:0205:3023:32
2Matthew Thomas30:2604:2526:01
3Francis Campkin30:4506:5023:55
4David Green30:5604:1026:46
5Rhys Clareburt31:1905:4525:34
6Ross Jackson31:3308:5022:43
7Gary Clareburt31:3605:4525:51
8Melkeysa Ahmed31:3906:5024:49
9Trevor Henry31:4203:3028:12
10Bruce Blair31:5207:2024:32
11Ian Fraser31:5408:5522:59
12Brendan Flanagan31:5605:5526:01
13Quenten Rew31:5709:2522:32
14Angus Wood31:5910:3021:29
15Ian Ewing32:0305:4526:18
16Tony Dawbin32:0508:1023:55
17John Wilson32:0604:0028:06
18Gordon Clarke32:0810:3021:38
19Ben Jackson32:1209:2522:47
20Terry Harlen32:1611:2020:56
21Mike Winsborough32:1808:5523:23
22Alistair Kenworthy32:1911:0021:19
23Edwin Crossling32:2107:2025:01
24Hamish Clareburt32:2310:1522:08
25Alistair Wanoa32:2400:0032:24
26Gordon Blacklaws32:2610:3021:56
27Neil Price32:2709:2523:02
28Rob Langridge32:3004:2528:05
29Dave Slaney32:3005:4526:45
30Chris Hansen32:3210:1522:17
31Alan Lacey32:3709:2523:12
32John Barrance32:3804:0028:38
33Harley Dibble32:3910:1522:24
34Angus Cameron32:4408:2524:19
35Trevor MacDonald32:4706:5025:57
36Graham Tattersall32:4908:5523:54
37Derek Delisle32:5002:2530:25
38Matthew Hunt32:5807:2025:38
39Wayne Atkins32:5912:3020:29
40Robbie Gould33:0708:4524:22
41Kelly Holyoake33:1406:5026:24
42Daniel clendon33:2610:3022:56
43Judith May33:2909:1524:14
44Simon Turek33:3307:5525:38
45Chris Rendall33:4007:2026:20
46William allen33:4010:0023:40
47Elizabeth Campkin33:5003:4030:10
48Alana Prosser35:3205:0030:32
49Anthony Stubbs35:4007:5527:45
50Ed Breese36:2404:2531:59
51Percy Percival36:3003:3532:55
52Dennis Smith36:5005:4531:05

Turkey Trot

Another small but select field. This time the novices competed in the absence of the injured experts. First to complete the 6.3km course was Veronica Gould. The event was won by Mary Everitt in 50 minutes 7 seconds. This was just 7 seconds out from her estimated time of 50 minutes. Second was Robyn Blacklaws who finished 2 minutes 5 seconds short of her estimated time.